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Pediatrician Approved

Pediatrician Approved

"Good nutrition is key to a child's healthy brain development. As a pediatrician, I know how hard it is to get children to eat a well-balanced diet, especially for hard to get nutrients like Omega 3 DHA and Vitamin D that are key to healthy development. SmartyPants helps parents ensure their children are getting all the nutrients they need."

Robert I Kramer M.D.
Chairman, Department of Pediatrics (retired)
at Baylor University Medical Center

All-in-One Value

Good health is invaluable and we at SmartyPants also know Parents want to shop smart! Compare our SmartyPants All-in-One Gummy Multi-Vitamins with what you would have to spend to get comparable quality nutrients:

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Kid Approved

Kids love the taste of SmartyPants

No more yucky vitamins or gross fish oil! Kids love SmartyPants and we bet you will too! (Yes, they are good for parents too. ;-)

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Previous Testimonials
  • Jennifer C., Los Angeles
    "I am the type of mom that reads labels. I feel great about my kids taking SmartyPants all in one with fish oil and organic sugar, they love the taste too, which really helps! Equally important to our family is the eco-friendly packaging and that SmartyPants donates vitamins to kids in need with every bottle sold."
    "I am the type of mom that reads labels..." MORE
  • Josh P., New York City
    "I am psyched to finally have a DHA all-in-one vitamin free of artificial colors and flavors that my daughter likes!"
    "I am psyched to finally have a DHA all-in-one vitamin..." MORE
  • Lili F., Malibu, CA
    "Our daughter loves SmartyPants and we love what they do for her!"
    "Our daughter loves SmartyPants and we love what they do for her!" MORE
  • Rob K, Santa Monica CA
    "When it comes to giving multi-vitamins to my son, effectiveness, taste and ingredients matter. SmartyPants is the real deal. It's rare to find a multi-vitamin that's good for my son and good for the environment. With its eco-friendly ingredients, Smarty Pants is a must-have for my family and for the earth."
    "When it comes to giving multi-vitamins to my son..." MORE
  • Samantha S, New York, NY
    "My girl is a very picky eater and I love that she loves SmartyPants"
    "My girl is a very picky eater and I love that she loves SmartyPants" MORE
  • Barbara and Buddy Nichols, Austin, Texas
    "Grandparents search for meaningful gifts to give their grandchildren. We thought that a supply of the super new supplements by Smarty Pantz would be a perfect way to celebrate the occasion and contribute to their good health and well-being. The bonus was that our grandchildren loved the taste of the vitamins."
    "Grandparents search for meaningful gifts to give their grandchildren..." MORE
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Food Comparison

One serving of SmartyPants is equal to:

Zinc 5 cups of cooked summer squash, 7 cups of steamed broccoli or 3 cups of steamed shrimp.
Iodine 4 hard boiled eggs, 8 cups of strawberries, two cups of 2% milk.
Folic Acid 3 cups of steamed brocc, 6 cups of cauliflower (boiled), 1 cup of spinach (boiled), 6 cups of green beans (boiled).
Vitamin D 3 1/2 ounces of baked/broiled salmon, 4 cups of 2% milk, 24 ounces of cod, 15 eggs.
Vitamin B6 1.33 mcg 1 1/2 cups of bell peppers, 4 oz of garlic, 2 bananas, 4 0z of baked/broiled yellowfin tuna.
Omega 3's Calorie for calorie, one serving of SmartyPants has the same amount of Omega 3's (90 mg) as Pacific Cod, Tilapia or Canned, Skipjack or Yellowfin Tuna.

Sources: and

SmartyPants and Sugar

Pediatricians and parents agree, if a vitamin does not taste good, kids will not eat them. So, we took the doctor's advice and sweetened SmartyPants with organic cane sugar. Organic sugar tastes good, helps facilitate your child's absorption of the micronutrients in SmartyPants, and does not have unknown future health risks the way non-sugar or artificial sweeteners do.

We are very conscious of the amount of sugar we give our own children and believe that less is more. We use the least sugar possible and only have 5g per serving which is 80% LESS sugar than in a glass of unsweetened apple juice. We dust the outside of SmartyPants with sugar to keep the gummies from sticking together and sticking to little fingers.

Learn More about Brain Health

SmartyPants offers fast, easy, and useful information & tips about brain health for busy parents like you. We source all our information from leading peer-reviewed journals and prestigious news publications. We provide links to the original research for your convenience.

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to help your child's brain develop.

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