The Affiliate Program: What is SmartyPants

Why sell SmartyPants?

As parents, we know how hard it is to get kids to consistently eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. So we created our kid-approved SmartyPants Gummy Multi-Vitamins to help ensure kids get the nutrients they need. We started SmartyPants to help parents raise healthy bodies & brains and we invite you to join our mission of getting kids the nutrients they need. Some reasons to consider joining our work-at-home affiliate sales program:

  • SmartyPants combines hard to get nutrients like Omega 3 fish oil and Vitamin d into one delicious product
  • Kids love SmartyPants so no more haggling with them about taking their yucky-tasting vitamins
  • SmartyPants donates a year's worth of nutrients to 2 kids most in need for every bottle sold
  • Studies show that proper brain nutrition has a positive impact on mood, cognitive performance, memory, focus, and attention
  • SmartyPants uses eco-friendly non-tuna fish oil, natural colors and flavors and no high fructose corn syrup
  • Convenient home delivery with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Made in California

SmartyPants sells exclusively online and through select health care providers.

Vitamin Angels

How The Program Works

As parents, we frequently turn to other parents for advice on quality products, good value, and great deals. We invite you to help other parents learn about the information, tips, and products SmartyPants offers in our effort to help parents raise healthy brains by applying to become an affiliate.

We hand-select our affiliates. We are looking for health-conscious parents and/or professional affiliates who are dedicated to children's nutrition and brain health. We are serious about our mission to facilitate optimal children's brain health and are not interested in spammers or scammers. If you would like to apply as an affiliate, please email us and be sure to include the following:

  • your real name
  • your facebook page, blog, or site
  • reasons for your interest

Many Thanks,

Courtney & Gordon

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