Brain Food Guide

You are what you eat, especially when it comes to building brains. A well-nourished brain is a happy brain! Below, find a list of top "Brain Foods", kid-friendly Recipes for each food, and information about key Brain Nutrients. At SmartyPants, we are committed to helping you take care of your family's brain health through proper nutrition.


Featured Recipe: Soy Vay Salmon

Soy Vay Salmon

Soy Vay makes natural, preservative-free, savory, classic marinades and dressings. It's a great asset for your fridge to make plain food taste good. It's sold over the U.S., Canada and even some places in Europe, and their site has a local product finder.

  • BBQ Lentils

    This pot of lentils is perfect to serve to the whole family.

  • Apple Tuna Pita

    A favorite quick kid-friendly, brain food meal.

All of our Brain Foods have yummy kid-friendly Recipes. Check out each food to find more Recipes. If you know of some good kid-approved, brain-friendly recipes, let us know and we will post your recipe with a link back to your facebook page.

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