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Founded by parents and health care providers, pediatrician-approved* SmartyPants helps parents ensure that their kids are getting all the nutrients they need to be healthy and happy.

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  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) was founded in 1985. PCRM programs combine the efforts of medical experts and grassroots individuals that promote preventive medicine through innovative programs. They have developed The New Four Food Groups, an innovative proposal for a federal nutrition policy that puts a new priority on health. MORE

  • Obesity has a profound effect on a child's life. Obesity can create emotional and social problems, and increases the child's risk of numerous health problems. Lifestyles and behaviors are established early in life. The home, childcare setting, school, and community are all integral to a more healthful environment for our children. MORE

  • All veggie burgers must be healthy, right? Think again, the food and agriculture nonprofit, Cornucopia Institute, found that most non-organic veggie burgers currently on the market are made with the chemical hexane, an EPA-registered air pollutant and neurotoxin. Cornucopia Institute's senior researcher Charlotte Vallaeys says, "If a non-organic product contains a soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, or texturized vegetable protein, you can be pretty sure it was made using soy beans that were made with hexane." Read the full article here, which includes a number of popular veggie burgers that were made with hexane. MORE

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What Parents are Saying about SmartyPants

Previous Testimonials
  • Jennifer C., Los Angeles
    "I am the type of mom that reads labels. I feel great about my kids taking SmartyPants all in one with fish oil and organic sugar, they love the taste too, which really helps! Equally important to our family is the eco-friendly packaging and that SmartyPants donates vitamins to kids in need with every bottle sold."
    "I am the type of mom that reads labels..." MORE
  • Josh P., New York City
    "I am psyched to finally have a DHA all-in-one vitamin free of artificial colors and flavors that my daughter likes!"
    "I am psyched to finally have a DHA all-in-one vitamin..." MORE
  • Lili F., Malibu, CA
    "Our daughter loves SmartyPants and we love what they do for her!"
    "Our daughter loves SmartyPants and we love what they do for her!" MORE
  • Rob K, Santa Monica CA
    "When it comes to giving multi-vitamins to my son, effectiveness, taste and ingredients matter. SmartyPants is the real deal. It's rare to find a multi-vitamin that's good for my son and good for the environment. With its eco-friendly ingredients, Smarty Pants is a must-have for my family and for the earth."
    "When it comes to giving multi-vitamins to my son..." MORE
  • Samantha S, New York, NY
    "My girl is a very picky eater and I love that she loves SmartyPants"
    "My girl is a very picky eater and I love that she loves SmartyPants" MORE
  • Barbara and Buddy Nichols, Austin, Texas
    "Grandparents search for meaningful gifts to give their grandchildren. We thought that a supply of the super new supplements by Smarty Pantz would be a perfect way to celebrate the occasion and contribute to their good health and well-being. The bonus was that our grandchildren loved the taste of the vitamins."
    "Grandparents search for meaningful gifts to give their grandchildren..." MORE
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